Current courses

Physics 880.06 Condensed Matter Physics is a two semester sequence of graduate-level courses taught from a modern perspective. I will emphasize how in a system of many interacting particles new phases of matter emerge, their spontaneously broken symmetries, collective modes and phase transitions. 2013 -2014 Condensed Matter Course Materials

Summer School on Emergent Phenomena

This Cornell summer series of classes features many experts on the field of quantum related physics and science that focuses on the most relevant modern day quantum topics and discussions.

Physics 1250H Introductory Physics

Physics 880.06 Spring Quantum Matter Lessons and Lectures

Physics 880.06 Winter Quantum Matter Lessons and Lectures

Teachings on Quantum Matter.

Cornell Lecture Series Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Materials EPiQM 2018 Lectures. Lectures by Nandini Trivedi on (1) Insulator to Superconductor transition and (2) Entropy transport in topological Weyl semimetals. See also lectures by other speakers.

Physics 1260 (FEH) Lessons, Lectures and Videos Lessons, lectures and videos taught in 2017 in the class Fundamental Engineering Honors Physics 1260.

Physics 1260 equations sheet, practice problems and notes Physics 1260 examination related material Physics 1260 Labs Physics 1260 Equations

Rio Lecture Series

Series of 5 lectures on modern aspects of Condensed Matter Physics given at UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, spring 2014.

Perimeter Institute Lecture Series

Series of 15 lectures on modern aspects of Condensed Matter Physics given at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada, Fall 2011.

Perimeter Institute Teachings Teachings made at the Perimeter Institute.

Topology Teachings

StatMech Teachings

Quantum Dots Teachings