Scientific Thinkers

The Scientific Thinkers (meet, be, and think like a scientist) program is a partnership between Innis Elementary School (classified as “high poverty” and under Academic Emergency) and The Ohio State University. Our mission is to motivate the next generation of scientific thinkers from parts of our society that are often marginalized. Through the engagement with undergraduate and graduate students and faculty, our aim is to give the elementary school students an opportunity to learn what it is to be like a scientist and think like a scientist, giving them confidence in their own abilities and thinking skills which they will use in and out of school.

Through the Scientific Thinkers program, undergraduate and graduate students from OSU STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) departments work with 1st through 5th grade science and mathematics teachers at Innis Elementary school to develop and teach hands-on science lessons to their students. The program encourages students to “Meet a Scientist, Be a Scientist and Think like a Scientist”.

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